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Sherblato is an award winning hybrid marijuana strain that was bred in house thru a collaborative effort with TCB Genetics. Using TCB's Sunset Sherbert and Gelato Parents, "Sherblato" was hunted and found thru a selection of dozens of phenos. Sherblato offers a true 50/50 sherb and gelato profile that’s fueled by notes of gas and bubblegum. A true Connoisseur and Timeless Strain that we recommend everyone to try.

DSC_2303_E for LI.jpg


Gummy Buns Strain is an indica bred as part of the Grease Monkey project. This flower has a diverse lineage from notable strains like “cookies” and “Biscotti.” The resulting aroma is a complex meddling of very gassy undertones that translates to a very smooth and tasteful high.

DSC_2158_E_RC x B2_IG Crop 1.jpg


The Second Rendition to the Squintz Line, this pretty Lady Is a perfect Mix of Fuel and Candy. From first glance the frosty bag appeal and hard hitting aromas are hard to deny. Luckily this highly potent strain transfers into an extremely smooth and flavorful taste that has become A true fan favorite. Its no coincidence that this has become the flagship strain of the Squintz line.

DSC_2238_E_Sour Diesel x Tropical Skittlz_IG Crop 1.jpg


The original pick for the Squintz line and hand selected and hunted by none other then the man himself Chauncey Leopardi(Squintz). "Rainbow Chip" was Bred by Exotic Genetix by crossing Sunset Sherbert and Mint Chocolate Chip. This strain uses the terpene influences and vigorous growth of Mint Chocolate Chip as their male; once combined with the sweeter influence of the female Sunset Sherbert. One of the more tasty and smooth flavor profiles around its no wonder this continues to be a High in Demand strain from Smokers All Around.

DSC_2355_E_SD x SFV x HB_IG Crop 1.jpg
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